domingo, 18 de septiembre de 2011

Again, not.

I can't stand this anymore. This are just words, just lonely thoughts. Like you know, to do something special for somebody. To promise. To believe, to betray. I hate disappointment more than anything. Will she change her ways with me? Just one act and everything will fade away. Think then act... THINK THEN ACT. A friend tells you when you are fucking it all, right? Why you didn't say anything? Why neither did I? I'm afraid. Repent. I'm sorry. Never again. Never ever. Learn to say no. Please, stop. As soon as you close this window you close that stupid phase. Not even a word about something like that again. I understand you, you know? Yeah, kinda. I'm not gonna loose another great friend. I will not loose you. You are important and when I say it it's true.

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